Friday, May 3, 2013

Are you ready to RUN!?

So, I'm getting ready for my first serious run since 2011... and I'm feeling completely excited to be back in running shoes and working on getting healthy, but I'm also feeling a little anxious about not doing as well in my personal time as I did in 2011.  I know, it's silly... but I've lost weight since then and getting stronger!  So why am I so slooow?  Well, stay tuned for the race recap...  Whatever time I manage with.  :)

Oregon's Benefit run for Boston

And when it comes down to it, it's just one race.  One out of several in 2013!  I'm filling up my schedule and my time and endurance can only improve... right?  Anyway.... enough of my whining.  This race next week is a Boston Benefit race.  The Run for Boston is in the evening and I also have a fundraising walk for Breast Cancer that morning.  It should be a pretty action packed day!

I think my girls will love it!  They are getting used to the idea that Mommy runs and my 3 year old "Bug-a-boo" loves to go with me.  "Mommy runs?  Are you running today?"  How do you give in to excuses not to go when you have a little cheerleader waiting to go for a ride?

Time to get Bug-a-boo a double stroller
This morning, as I desperately tried to get out the door at a reasonable hour to meet my running partner, my sweetie was hollering through the house "I'm going for a run!!  Are you ready to RUUUN?!"  Yes... Mommy would be ready if you'd let me help you get into the car!  But the important note here is that I am setting an example to live an active life and they see it.  My girls will hopefully want to be active too.  I already am beat by "Squeakers" and her ability to hold a plank.  That girl is good!  And she's only 6 months old!  I seriously need to step up my strength training.

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