Monday, April 28, 2014

Coco Hydro SPORT Recovery Drink Product Review

As a runner and triathlete, I’m constantly looking for things that can help me recover faster from my training and move on to the next tough workout. I’ve recently been on a mission to find my ideal recovery drink.

I had the opportunity try a product called Coco Hydro SPORT by Big Tree Farms. It is coconut water enhanced with sodium, potassium, and other minerals. However, the minerals are chelated instead of synthetic, which essentially means they are more easily absorbed by our digestive systems and less likely to cause Runner’s Trots! None of us want that!

I tried Coco Hydro in a few different ways. My preferred way to use it is in a recovery shake. This is my recipe:

1 cup vanilla soy milk

1 scoop of protein powder (I used Muscle Milk vanilla)

1 cup frozen tropical fruit mix

½ banana

Handful of spinach

Tablespoon of honey

2 Tablespoons of Coco Hydro SPORT Pineapple flavor

This is so yummy, I feel like I’d just need to add vodka and it would pass as a pina colada!

Ideally I would have time to make this shake immediately after every workout, but I frequently run at lunch and have to quickly get back to my desk to see what I missed while I was gone. Luckily Coco Hydro SPORT also makes a tasty recovery drink by simply adding a spoonful of powder to a glass of water. I can’t tell you how many times I have had great intentions of having my recovery meal immediately after my run, but instead I got stuck at my desk for an hour before I could sneak away and make it. With this, I can make a quick drink eat it with a banana , and not worry if I can’t take in anything else for an hour.

Two lucky members of my Moms Run This Town running group will also win a case of this product via raffle at our Spring Social on May 24. For everyone else, good news – they’re running a 40% off special now, so you have the opportunity to try this product at a significant discount. Here is a link to my favorite flavor:

What does everyone else like to use for recovery drinks? Please share your recipes!