My racing "Bucket List"

We all have one... well, if you aren't into races or running, it might look a little different.... but I think it's safe to say we all have places we'd like to visit "someday" or things we'd like to do (before we kick the bucket).

Here's the races I'd like to do "someday" (in no real order):

1.  Race to Robie Creek
2.  Steve Prefontaine Memorial Run
3.  Canby Dahlia Run
4.  Newport Marathon
5.  Portland Marathon
6.  Run Like Hell (half marathon)
7.  Silver Falls (half marathon)
8.  Rock N' Roll Series (half marathon)
9.  Marine Corps Marathon
10.  The Flying Pig Marathon
11.  I'll never be able to qualify for Boston.  Honestly, people in better shape than me spend their whole running careers chasing a BQ... but I'd like to go watch the Marathon there and maybe run the 5k the day before?

I'll keep adding to this list, so check back now and then...
and please share with me your dream races!  Is it for the bling?  The location?  The foundation/organization the race supports?


  1. I like your bucket list. I too want to do the Steve Prefontaine run, it's not far we really should make it happen. Eventually I would like to do a run in every state, but by then I will be very very old.

    1. It's true.... it's not that far in the grand scheme of things... I haven't really traveled very far for races yet and need to figure that part out! When it isn't far enough to need a hotel but too far to get to sleep til 4am then it is hard for me to figure out planning! I guess it just comes down to getting up before the sun or get a hotel to be a little bit closer. :) A race in every state would be amazing!