Monday, February 16, 2015

How's it going? Time keeps on running!

How's it going?

Has it seriously been since Thanksgiving that I have written anything about running?!

After our Turkey Trot adventures, I've been running my heart out with The Hot Buttered Run 5k a couple days after Thanksgiving.  That was a ton of fun as i dressed the kids up as gingerbread cookies and ran dressed as a baker.  Somehow, we won the costume contest and I took home a new foam roller!

Next, I completed a half marathon in torrential downpour in Eugene a couple days before Christmas.  The race started with pouring rain on an out and back on sidewalks near a stream.  A friend who finished in the top ten for the race overall said that the water was starting to creep past the banks of the stream and start to touch the sidewalk.  By the time I came to the underpasses we were required to run under... I was wading through rapid water.  My Rynaud's disease left my wet feet and cold hands completely numb.  I collapsed into the arms of the volunteer who put the finisher's medal around my neck and she helped me inside to a friend who had to help undress me and get me into dry clothes.  I think despite the wasp stings from my first half, the numbing wind and rain made that one the worst race ever.  I'll have to think about it some more.

A week and a half later, I dressed up in an evening dress over my warmer running clothes and ran a 5K at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve.  That has to be the most unique way I have "ran(g) in the new year".

 After that, I hosted a virtual 5K for my Moms RUN This Town group in January and did a "Snowflake 5K" in January.

This last weekend I completed a half marathon (the first for 2015) the day after Valentines Day and should get a recap up of that shortly.

...I see a theme here.  Looks like I do a race whenever there is a holiday?

Along with holiday running and racing, my house has been battling some respiratory bug.  We've been coughing and hacking for three weeks now.  The Doc even put me on Prednisone, some codeine cough syrup, an albuterol  inhaler and an antibiotic.  I'm still coughing up a lung.  Ugh.  My half Marathon yesterday was the second slowest ever.  Nothing will probably be as slow as my first half with the extra mile and the two wasp nests!!  But, nonetheless, my half yesterday was a victory that I crossed the finish.... not that I beat a time goal or anything else spectacular.

Actually, the plan was for my hubstud to wait two and a half hours after the start of the race before heading down to the race finish line with the kiddos to cheer me in.  We suspected it would be a difficult race, and my guiding light was the thought of my kiddos and hopefully they would run me in while dad snapped photos of us.  Well, By the time I got to the finish line... it was clear that there was no family.  There were very few people left and not very many people at the finish.  I started to tear up in frustration and self pity as I ran around the high school track toward the announcer and the finish line.  Seriously.  I was slow enough that they had plenty of time to get there.... So, after a beautiful and hilly course with a 600 ft. gain in elevation I lumbered through the finish gate and wished I had my inhaler for this awful cough I can't seem to kick.

With sick kids and being sick myself, I have not been training like I had wanted to or really needed to.  But I have been able to get some short training runs in thanks to my new best friend "Big Bertha".

A friend was down sizing some of her items and offered her treadmill to me at an unbeatable price!  So, I'm a new treadmill owner and while it might still be the "honeymoon stage", I am thrilled.  Granted, she seems to be blocking easy access to the crafty corner in our "den", she still allows us to access all the board games in our cabinets.   :)

So, that's been life for me these last three months.

Now, to get rid of this nagging cough before my next race in just under two weeks!  This one I've helped organize and am really looking forward to it.  Come check out The Mommathon and if you aren't in my neck of the woods, check out the virtual option too!

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