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Race Review: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (May 11, 2013)

May 11, 2013

     I spent the morning at a different kind of race than most might see in a review.  This one wasn't about weeks of training for the miles, it was about weeks of fundraising.  This wasn't a race to get a PR, it was about helping "create a world with less breast cancer and more birthdays".  My family, friends and some of the members of my local Moms RUN this town joined together to make a team for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.   We went for a pirate themed team and called ourselves the "Treasured Chests".

For the Portland, Oregon location, we had a leisurely stroll of 2 miles and it took us about 40 minutes.  Along the way we had cheerleaders and a large water station to help people stay hydrated with the warmer temperatures.  It was a little unfortunate that the event was held at a racetrack, so instead of trees and some of the natural beauty available in the pacific northwest, we had asphalt and an enclosed oval of ads targeted for race car fans.   Was it a drag (pun intended)?  Was it something not worth doing again, even if it is at the same venue?  NO!  It was fun!  Even if people were a little shy and it was the volunteers dancing to the music and having the most fun...  :)  I can't complain about that, despite dressing up as a pirate and having a pirate in a sparkly pink bra on the back of my shirt, I'm actually a bit of a wall flower.  You wouldn't see me over there dancing at the stage, even if the whole event was rocking out.  Well, maybe if I was the only one standing still, but that is yet to be determined.  

ANYWAY!  The event was a huge success and one team raised over $100,000!!  They even had a car given away at a raffle and gift cards galore for a local sporting goods store.  The grand total is still being calculated, but it gives me hope that my Bug-a-boo and  Squeakers will grow up in a world where cancer isn't such a nasty word to strike terror in the heart.  Just a "bump in the road".  Especially since the average is 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime and the odds go against her as she gets older.  So, with my daughters in mind, I hope to fight for a world with less breast cancer, and more birthdays.

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