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Race Review: Run For Boston (May 11, 2013)

May 11, 2013

We had a busy day and dashed off to a state park about 35 miles from our morning stroll.  We had a picnic dinner and relaxed among people playing frisbee and enjoying the great weather.  Later that evening we participated in a Run For Boston.  This was an event for "runners helping runners" and donations were collected for the Boston One Fund.  The park was absolutely beautiful and provided lots of shade in the soaring 80+ degree weather we had been experiencing.  I suppose summer really does exist!

Before the 5k started, a small loop was created for the kids to run a race of their own.  I love it when races have an event that kids can participate in.  I think it's adorable to watch kids run and see how they put all of themselves into it just for the sheer joy of running.  Bug-a-boo didn't care who was in front or behind her, all she cared about was running in her loop.  After the kids disbanded, we stretched, warmed up and listened to some local marathoners talk about their experience in Boston on April 15th and how they are not shaken.  To let terror be the deciding force behind what we hope to accomplish is not living.  Run.  Run with all of your heart.  And with that, we got behind the starting gate, and we ran.  Or some walked.  Those fitness walkers can haul it too!

The venue was a smaller one, and I think about 500 people participated.  This provided an intimate setting to chat with other runners and listen to the experiences of the other marathoners.  I wore my MRTT "Never Forget Boston" tech shirt and was very excited to see someone else there wearing one!

I hauled to catch up to her, and in the middle of huffing and puffing during a 5k is probably not the best situation to try and make friends.  :)   She humored me, but before long she was gone and way ahead again.  Oh well.  My pace will pick up.  I hope.  I was passed by a mom carrying her young son on her shoulders and her husband was encouraging the other to keep running, even though he was begging for a ride too.  i asked if I could get a ride too, and the older child eagerly said I could take a turn if I wanted.  Dad said he'd have to bulk up a bit first.  Ahhh, well, it isn't a race against yourself for your PR if you are getting a piggy back ride.  So i kept on going.  :)  I didn't get that PR, but I'm still proud.  Proud of myself for sticking with it since all my negative thoughts kept creeping in... "Oh my gawd!  It's HOT!"  "Where's the water station?"  "I think I should walk now."  "If I want to give up now... how am I going to do a 1/2 in October?"  and I kept tearing at myself and my progress, until I decided to cheer for someone everytime one of those stupid thoughts came in...  "Way to go!"  "Keep it up!"  "You're hauling it!  Go! Go! Go!"  ...I bet some of my fellow 5k-ers thought I was crazy.  I thought it was crazy to run so hard in that heat! 

When I wasn't cheer leading others near me, there were boy scouts along the trail who cheered us on too.  I made sure to thank every one of them as I passed and told them "Keep it up.  We need it."  We all could use some encouragement, I think! 

After passing through some very beautiful parts of the park, and the most amazing smelling flowering tree, we started honing in on the finish.   When you are going in to the finish gate, the announcer says something to you like "And here comes _____ giving it his all up this hill and into the finish!"  I don't remember what she said to me, but i was sorta amazed to hear my name!  Of course they know my name because of the timing chip in my bib and all of that... but I hadn't been in a race where my name was said over the PA.  I felt like a super star.  Even if I'm slow and didn't get my PR.   

I waved to all the race photographers, but I think I should learn how to jump and do a heel-click instead.  

I finished.  I ran strong and fought my internal battles and kept at it in honor of Boston.  In honor of those who can no longer run. 

I finished. 

Squeakers admiring the new bling


  1. wow- 500! that's a huge crowd. so glad you were able to participate! I tried putting you on my bloglovin page but it won't locate you.. so I apologize for being MIA!
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    1. Thanks Emma! I might need to figure out how to get the bloglovin widget... :) I'm such a blog newbie.