Friday, May 3, 2013

Mail Call! (Huma Energy Gel GIVEAWAY and more!)

I have been crazy busy and meant my last blog post to be about all the mail I've been getting... but I got side tracked with my upcoming race and my adorable kids.  Typical.  Then the doorbell rang and I got another race-related package!

So... before I forget,  I have been posting on Facebook about a Huma Energy Gel giveaway that I am doing.  This giveaway ends on Monday!  So, if you haven't entered it yet, please click HERE.

I checked my mailbox and was so excited to see the package from Huma!  As I came into the house, I saw a package on my stoop from Nathan Sports for a future review and giveaway!! 

How could my day get any better?  AWESOME! 

Then my day did get just a little bit more awesome, because like I said...  I was interrupted from a nap-time break and an ability to blog a bit by the door bell.... AND ANOTHER PACKAGE!  Totally worth the kids waking up early from nap.  Sorta.  Okay- yeah.    

My shirt arrived in time for the Boston Run  next week! 

The back of the shirt

The front of Hubby's shirt.
These supper cool shirts are available for a very limited time through Recover starting on Monday (at noon according to their Facebook) or check with your local Moms RUN This Town chapter for more sizes and options!


  1. Yeah, I love good mail! I am the MRTT leader of the Flowery Branch Chapter. You commented on my blog so just sharing the love!! (And entered the contest!)

    1. Thanks Dea! We can all use some blog-love! ;)

  2. I LOVE happy mail! The shirts look awesome! I can't wait to get mine :-)

    1. I really love the material! I hope you like yours!