Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What is that...? I think it's called.... the sun?

Well, all those April showers are bringing the May flowers in my neighborhood.  There are all sorts of beautiful colors, but I never realized just how pink my street is!  PINK everywhere!  ...Or I have pink on the brain since I am gearing up for my breast cancer charity walk.  I did my 4 miles on Sunday and was seriously in awe of how the breeze grabbed the cherry blossom pedals and made them dance in the air.  I would have imagined something silly like it was my victory lap and it was celebratory confetti, but my sore calves were killing my mood.  It did carry me home though.  I would just look for the next pink blossom and before I knew it, I was done with my 4 miles!

When I took this picture, I dropped my husband's white headphones...  It took him about an hour to help me find them.  Oops.

 These were very pretty, but full of bees!  That's okay, right?  Leave them alone and they leave you alone... or something like that.  I do know a running friend who got stung and then an infection!  Leaves me a little paranoid about them...  :)
This isn't a rose, but looks a lot like one!  Anyone know what it is?  It's very pretty.

This tree lost a lot of it's flowers from the rain and breeze... and let me tell you that it's huge, waxy pedals are very slick!  Don't fall when running through the flower pedals!  

Monday was a day of stretching and strength training, but I spent the evening at Portland Running Company and found my new candy store.  I love supporting local businesses and found the staff so incredibly helpful and great product selection.  I don't want to sound insincere, but I can seriously gush!  They know what they are talking about.  My helper was John, and he just ran a full marathon the day before!  Anyone who does that is freakin' amazing.  Anyone who gets off the couch and runs or walks is amazing in my eyes...  but this guy got it done in just over 2 1/2 hours.  Wow.  It took a bit of time to find the right pair for me, but I appreciate that he never lost patience and went outside with me with every pair of shoes to watch my stride when I ran.  


As you can see, my trusty worn out pair on the top have a HUGE, bulky heel.  I hated trying to run in them... so, not knowing anything about shoes or running, I flocked to the sparkly ones like a raven hoarding shiny things.  Aren't they nice for a run on a gloomy, overcast day?  They could be... depending on your pronation type.  It would seem that I over pronate, big time!  My heel rolls inward and this can cause further pain in my already iffy knees and aggravate my "runner's knee".  ...Which I happen to be in physical therapy for!

The garish rainbow shoes (that I am totally smitten with,)  have too much "flex" and it seems that I need to have that bulky heel to provide the support I need not to roll my heels.  This is made even more clear by examining my wear patterns on my shoes....  My worn out, over-loved, day-to-day shoes are worn out in the middle of the shoe while the edges still have some traction.  Exactly what is desired.  So....  after an hour and a half of running in all sorts of shoes (I was in denial about the bulky heel and hoped to avoid it...), I now introduce you to my new running shoes!  (Drum Roll please!)

Brooks Addiction 10th edition

If you haven't been fitted for a shoe with your running style evaluated, I highly recommend it.  And if you live anywhere near driving distance to the Portland Running Company,  please visit them.  They are so awesome.  And in true spirit of Portland, they have free beer and snacks after their group runs.  Check them out!


  1. I am jealous of all of your flowers and trees blooming! I only have one poor daffodil blooming so far. I love the rainbow shoes too but you have to go with what is right for you! New shoes always make a big difference for me.

    1. You know... as much as enjoy the overcast, cooler days... it is nice to have some spring. I forget how good I have it and then I see posts from runners still dealing with snow and ice! Brrrr. I'll take the sun and flowers.

  2. LOVE those sparkly shoes and all your flower pictures! Spring is here!!
    emma @ amomrunsthistown.com

    1. :) You know Emma.... if you want to buy them, just let me know... ;)