Sunday, April 21, 2013

Birds of a feather

My little bug-a-boo with her running buddy
What a fantastic day to run this afternoon!  We really did outrun the rain today.... the sprinkles didn't start until we were all heading back to the car.  The cool weather was perfect, in my opinion, though there was no denying the chill to the air.  The sky was overcast, and it was beautiful!  I guess the rainy Pacific Northwest suits me.  I felt optimistic about my run, but it took a little longer than usual for my legs to warm up.  I had that feeling like my shoes are made out of oatmeal.

While we were running, hundreds of geese were hanging out at the pond we were lapping and all of a sudden a loud "clap" was heard and all the birds were instantaneously in flight.  It was amazing!  They were flying right for us and I could only watch as they gained more height and flew over us.  My brain was sounding the alarms "Put your hood on!  PUT YOUR HOOD ON!" but all I could do was stand there and watch.  I was "lucky" (or unlucky, as the case may be) and didn't get pooped on.  My running partner however... her new double stroller has been christened from it's new glow.  Time to go get a lotto ticket!   At least the kiddos are poop-free!

 As the gaggle of geese left the sky clear once again, we could see the cause of the ruckus.  A beautiful bald eagle was circling above us and landed nearby.  AMAZING.

See?  Wasn't it worth leaving the house on a cool, blustery, "it's gonna rain" kind of Sunday?  Beats staying in and being bored out of our minds...  And overall, I felt a great feeling of accomplishment to get out there.  Now to work on distance and time.  I'd like to run a half marathon this October and been reviewing Hal Higdon and Jeff Galloway's training guides.  I think I'll start a "combo" of the two tomorrow.  What a way to welcome Monday morning!

2.46 mi and 15 minute per mile average with running and walking.


  1. I agree, I always stay in on rainy days, but why not go out and enjoy the day- it's just water!
    emma @

  2. Thanks Emma! It can be a great excuse for me to stay in... so this adventure was a great enforcer for me to get out there and not be afraid of a little water. :)

  3. Rain is a hard one to give into. Being wet and cold is no fun at all. The decision you made when you opened the front door and took that step is determination! It'll make an Oregonian out of you

  4. I entered into your Huma Energy gel giveaway. If I don't win I think I'm still going to order some to try!

    1. Awesome! I picked them because I like supporting new adventures and they are a pretty new company. Glad I could help spread the word about them!


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