Sunday, April 28, 2013

Review: Map My Run App (for smart phone)

I know someone who has tracked her run distance by driving the route in her car later to determine how many miles it was.  I'm sure there are all sorts of computer programs with satellite maps to do this with too.  I'm a mom with two small kids and don't have a lot of time for all that mumbo jumbo.  I'm lucky to get out of the house some days to get my run in!  I don't want to calculate the route again later, and with today's fancy gizmos, you don't have to.  GPS, baby!

I've uploaded the app Map My Run because it was free.   It takes the pressure off trying to determine pace, miles covered and all the info is given to me with audio alerts.  I'm able to play my music app while it is running.  It quiets my music during the alert and then resumes at the volume I had it set to.

The voice of the announcer isn't the best that I've heard...  my friend Dayna has a super awesome "trainer" on her app.  I guess that's the difference between $0.99 and free.  My person on my app is very robotic and lets me know "Congratulations on your first mile!  Don't give up!  (Insert name of a big-box store) stands behind you!"  This made me laugh out loud the first time.  ...The humor wears off the next run, but it isn't that big of a deal.

There are some settings that I'd don't care to mess with.  I don't want my map published on Facebook for every stalker to see where I like to run.  I'm also already logging my food with weight watchers, so I don't need the food log.   However, that is probably really helpful to see what you are eating and why you might feel a bit "slow" or other issues that could be related to diet.  I already know I need to drink more water.

It would be nice if it offered a timer for intervals.  Maybe it does and I can't figure it out...  but it does have some good bells and whistles for being free.  It won't be the program I stick with in the long run (ha ha), but it works for now.  I really want what it already does but with an interval timer.  Maybe an option to plug in the goal distance of the day's run so that when you are getting close it could chime in and tell you?  I'll be checking out the other GPS apps and see which one is the most user friendly and what options are available.


  1. I use Runkeeper, and love it!! I'm on WW too. How are you doing on it?

    1. I think I'll try Runkeeper next! I hear a lot of good things about it! I'm digging WW. I was so skeptical before I joined... I don't think they take a lot of things like glycemic index to account... but something has to be working, because in 16 weeks I'm down 26lbs. :) Now, the true test will be when I can't afford to keep going anymore how I'll do at this "lifestyle" and tracking my points.

    2. Wow, that's great!! I know what you mean though- things that are super healthy that I would normally eat, now have tons of points. I don't like that! I don't know if you go to meetings or not, but I just do it online. I've already paid for 3 months online, but there's now a free app for the iphone that I will use after this! (Of course it's not called WW, but it's exactly the same)