Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Race Preview: Get a Clue Scavenger Race on June 14th

Race Preview:
This Saturday, June 14th is the "Get a Clue" Scavenger race.  

I don't know what to expect... but the "racecourse" is described as somewhere between 3 to 6 miles.   That's because it'll be determined by however each team (between two to five people) interpret the clues and which locations they choose to go to first.

So far, the hints and teasers on the facebook page post photos either as a "challenge teaser" or a "clue hint".  I think (and could be wrong) that this means a clue will be able to be located somewhere about town where the item is located and the challenge teaser is an idea of some task we will have to perform before we can move on.

...but the clock is ticking!  Get done as much as you can in the allotted time and maybe your team will get to take home one of these:

Will I see you there?  Here's the challenge teasers and the clue hints I've pulled from their facebook page.  I may be missing some, or their numbering was off... but this was all I could find.  Wish me luck on my adventure this weekend!  I am such a bling obsessed person...  I hope I can win one.   I don't know Canby, Or at all and will have some serious competition.

Get A Clue challenge teaser #1

Get A Clue Challenge teaser #2: Will you be seeing stars?

Get A Clue Challenge teaser #3: Anyone know what this is?

Get A Clue hint #1: Keep your eyes open for this guy!

Get A Clue hint #2: Watch for the pink flamingo on race day!

Don't get caught just hanging around! Get registered for Get A Clue - Scavenger Race! And keep an eye out for this little guy on race day. (Hint #4)
Get A Clue hint #5: Hey, Cupcake! Keep an eye out for this on race day.

Get A Clue hint #6: Don't let the Creepy Bunny hop away!

Get A Clue hint #7: Where will Marni Mannequin be this year? She's waiting to see your team!

Date:  Sat. June 14th, 2014

Time: 9:30am- 11:30am

Location:  Horning Hall at Clackamas County Event Center.  694 NE 4th ave. Canby, Or

Registration Fee:  $30 until June 11th and then $35 at day of registration.  (Subtract $5 for kids 12yrd and under). 

Registration site:  Click Here


  1. Great preview! Thanks, Robin! I can't wait to meet you on race day. :)

    1. I'm sooo looking forward to it! :D