Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mind over Matter and National Running Day 2014

It's National Running Day!!
What does that mean exactly?

Well, it can mean some discounts on gear or race entries... It can mean a chance to get together with some running buddies or go out for a run by yourself... but to me, it's always a chance to reflect on why exactly I choose to run.  (Here's my ponderings from last year).

Because, let's face it... if you have been following my journey (or click here for the "before picture" at over 230 lbs), running is pretty crazy and the last thing I ever wanted to do.

Running was the last thing I sorta wanted to do today....

My last "real" run was May 18th (Rock 'n' Roll half marathon) though I had just done a 5k last weekend as a fun run (with a lot of fast walking and a bulky costume)... I feel like a lazy bum and completely not too sure about my half marathon this coming Saturday.  Yeah... my 3rd half marathon since the start of May (Hippie Chicks was on May 10th and started this crazy race schedule I put myself in.)

I finished Rock 'n' Roll and have been tapering ever since.  ;-)  Well, the biggest thing I've learned after all your wonderful advice on my facebook page is that this is the mental part I have to get over.


So back to the pondering and reflecting why I run....

I went to National Running Day's web page and printed off some blank bibs for myself and some of the gals in my Moms RUN This Town club and sat down to write some reasons out.

When I asked Bugaboo what she liked about running, she responded "I run with Mommy until I get bigger!" and when I asked Squeakers, her response was "ZOOOOOOM!"  so there you go.  Their bibs were all filled out.  

I started an essay on mine.  I wrote out "To inspire.  To be a good example.  For good health.  To be a better person (a nod to last year's reason(s)).  To keep the lazy away.  For the accomplishment."

Time to meet my sole sisters, so I loaded the kids in the stroller and set off for the park.

It felt so good.

I was running again.

What the heck is going on with me?!  Mental.  It's all mental.

My husband has started a new job and the hours are going to be a bit crazy for awhile.  9-5 for a couple weeks, then him leaving the house at 3:30am to get to work by 4am and getting home early in the afternoon.  Late night shifts.  Early morning again.  All over the place.  I had been letting that stress me out since there is some unpredictability to it and I have been feeling cooped up with the kids at home.  Then I had been making excuses (some valid, some not) about why I couldn't get a run in that day.

Not today.  I had people waiting for me at the park... so with the car gone with the hubby to his new job, I ran as fast as I could to not be too terribly late while they waited for me.

As I arrived, it occurred to me why I run.  All those things are great on my bib, but the real reason why I run...  it gives me confidence.  Confidence that I can wrestle the kiddos into the stroller and get away, out of he house... I can destress and let go of the excuses and find some freedom out on the run.  I felt happy again.  Happy for the first time since I finished Rock 'n' Roll.

I guess you can call it the "Runner's High".  At any rate, I'm back in the game.

Tell me why you run...

what does your bib say?

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