Monday, June 2, 2014

Moms Run This Town Spring Social!

Last weekend was our Moms Run This Town Social event. I am once again overwhelmed by the amount of community support we have for our chapter.

We were lucky to have food donated by two local businesses, Great Harvest BreadCo. and Blue Moon Bakery. Both of these businesses have booths at the Hillsboro Farmers’ market and they happen to be side-by-side. They also both offer gluten-free options, which is very important because our chapter has a lot of gluten-free members and it’s very hard to find food that makes everyone happy. These two both certainly did the trick, though.

Great Harvest Bread Co. donated sandwiches to feed all 25 of us and also some amazing Nutella cookies.

Great Harvest Bread Co. also donated three loaves of their gluten-free bread to be door prizes to the attendees. One of the ladies who won told me that she typically does not eat bread at all, since she lives a gluten-free lifestyle, and she's never found gluten-free bread that she likes. However, after trying her loaf from Great Harvest Bread Co., she's now a convert and has brought bread back into her life again!

Blue Moon Bakery donated some amazing gluten-free goodies. This was a huge relief to many of our members, who often have to (gasp!) forgo dessert as a result of their gluten-free lifestyle. I tried the chocolate chip cookies and they were incredible! I was glad to have done my long run that morning.  Many members tried to split the goodies in half to try just a little and ensure enough for everyone, but I saw several people going back for seconds and thirds in to the goodie box.

Blue Moon Bakery also donated a yummy bunch of treats that one lucky member of our club won at the social!

Here is Blue Moon Bakery's both at the Hillsboro Saturday Market. Check them out there (and stop by Great Harvest Bread Co. while you're at it!) or on their Facebook site.

Finally, we had beverages donated by Onli Beverages. My favorite was the green tea flavor, but both the Hibiscus and Expresso flavors mixed very nicely with rum. :-) Robin couldn't decide if she liked the Lemon mango Passion & Mint more or the Huckleberry Pomegranate.

Sadly, Onli Beverages are not yet available in Oregon but hopefully they will be soon.  You can locate a store near you here.  

We also had product donations for our goodie bags and raffle from Sunbutter, which is a fantastic gluten-free and peanut-free alternative to peanut butter than many of our members really enjoyed. Just take a look at all of that swag that was up for grabs!

We also had a generous donation from Pocket Bands and SunRype Bars for all of our goodie bags. Neocell donated a bottle of their Super Collagen C tablets to help keep our skin looking young and gorgeous! We're very grateful to all of the business who have helped to support us and make Moms Run This Town every more awesome!

Are you a member of a local running club?  Do you have fun (non running) get togethers to get to know each other, hang out and offer support and encouragement? 



  1. What an awesome event!

    I just joined my local chapter of Moms Run This Town. Looking forward to some fun meet-ups. I've got a goal of traveling for a race and our group leader offered to reach out to other MRTT chapters once I figured out where I wanted to go. Love that!

    1. That is an awesome resource! I love that we can have that in our community... :D