Thursday, May 29, 2014

Simple Hydration Bottle Review

As a distance runner and triathlete, I'm always looking for the easiest and most efficient way to hydrate.

Enter the Simple Hydration water bottle!

The fuel belt is not a terrible solution, but it does tend to move around, chafe, and generally get annoying on a long run. Hand held bottles seem to get in the way of an efficient stride. How about a bottle that does not need to be placed in a fuel belt or held continuously? This is the promise of the Simple Hydration bottle that was provided to my Moms Run This Town chapter to review.

Review by Mariah Jeffery:
The bottle works by tucking the lip into your waistband. I couldn't believe it would stay but for the most part, it did. I tried it on a "brick" workout day of a 12-mile bike ride and a 5K run. My bike does have a water-bottle holder, but occasionally on long rides I run out of water in the single bottle, and I wanted to try this out as a possible solution for carrying a second bottle. I made sure to wear drawstring shorts, per the instructions, and tied them tightly. I thought to myself as I got going "There's no way this is going to stay on." It actually made it through the entire bike ride except for two occasions. Once was going over a train track. When I hit the very large bump, it did fly out and I had to stop and retrieve it. The other time was after I removed it, and I had difficulty returning it to the proper position with one hand, so it came out because I didn't have it in there will. After I stopped and retrieved it and got it in the right spot, it stay put for the rest of the ride, the transition, and the entire 5K run. It was certainly easier than a fuel belt although not 100% foolproof. I'm not sure that I'd use this for a race because I'd be worried about losing it, but for a long run when it's no big deal to turn around and retrieve the bottle once in a rare while, I definitely would use it again.

Review by Angela Sellars:

For me , a newbie runner, sport water bottles were not an issue. I drank before I left the house and when I got home from runs . Most of these runs were shorter than an hour.  But now I have my sights on a half marathon and realize longer runs mean drinking water on the go. 

I decided to give the Simple Hydration water bottle a shot during a 15k run, knowing I would need water to wash down my mid run gel pack.  The first thing I noticed was how nicely it fit in my small hands.  I placed it in my spandex running tights at the small of my back. After an initial learning curve when the bottle seemed to slip and slide, I found a way to tilt it a bit and keep my pants up! The next 3 miles went well, save some odd bumping and jostling as I ran downhill. 45 minutes into my run, and I needed some water to drink with my gel pack. I was able to open it with my teeth without too much resistance.  I placed it back in my pants and it slipped out and fell on the ground, forcing me to stop to pick it up and wipe it off.  The bottle stayed in place for the remainder of the run and I was happy to have some water to sip as I walked home.  

In conclusion, I will use the Simple Hydration water bottle again, but not for races or fast-paced runs. It will be handy for easy jogs on hot days and for walks and hikes with the family.
Simple Hydration has a 50% off discount going on right now! Head on over to their Facebook page and check it out.  Discount good until June 8th.

Robin will be ordering hers to use on long runs training for Hood To Coast and read about how the bottle's design has versatility to be tucked in a sports bra (sorry guys!) or in a flip belt, spibelt or the like.

How do you carry your water?


  1. I have a handheld that I loath...not sure I could stick a water bottle in my shorts and feel comfortable though. Truly a struggle to find the right hydration fit!

  2. It is a struggle! At first, I liked a "hydration backpack" but that is too heavy for a half marathon. I loved my handheld until it was empty and in the way (hitting my hip with my hand swing) on my last half... :) Not sure I want to deal with a fuel belt... I already have a flip belt there. :) The problems of a runner... ha ha ha. But, hydration is really really important.


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