Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Strut Your Stuff Sign Co Bib & Medal Display Review

How do you display your race bibs and medals? My race bibs are spread out across my office. Soon they will go across one wall completely. My office is 25’ long. If have about 3' remaining until I'd have to start a second row.

I was debating doing just that until my husband told me it was already borderline tacky. Ok, I see the point. My medal holder is also nearly full and I need another one. I was searching for ideas on how to improve my shrine to racing while displaying my bibs and medals in a more neat and concise way when Strut Your Stuff Sign Co. generously donated two medal displays to my Moms Run This Town group, to be raffled off at our Spring Social on May 24. Here are pictures of the two displays. 

Bib/medal holder one:

Bib/medal holder two is my personal favorite:
 Check it out here at their Etsy store.

These are incredibly high quality, gorgeous displays that can hold both your bibs and your medals all together. This Etsy store also offers the ability to customize any medal display by adding a plaque with an inscription, which could be your name, your PRs, or your favorite inspirational quote.
There are lots of other great displays in their store. If you love these displays, please Like their FB page and tell them Outrunning the Rain sent you. I’m hoping I’m one of the winners at my Moms Run This Town Social!


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  1. These are some good ideas to look into. I think it would be a great idea to recycle thing I don't need anymore to create banners and signs for my businesses. The main idea behind creating these things is to catch people's attention. If you create a sign out of odd materials like this, you will definitely get more attention. i think I'll have to look into this in the future.