Tuesday, May 27, 2014

VFuel Review

VFuel gave some of their product our our Moms Run This Town chapter to try out.

VFuel Review by Mariah Jeffery
         I have tried several fueling methods and I'm still trying to figure out what works for me. Gu seems to be hard on my sensitive stomach. I decided to give VFuel a try on my 13.1 mile "tune-up" race in preparation for my last half marathon. I tried Maple Bacon flavor, just because it sounded intriguing. It was actually not bad! The taste was a bit on the "savory" side but not overwhelming, and also a bit sweet at the same time. I noticed caffeine on the ingredient list, which is good because caffeine does seem to help my performance in endurance events.

VFuel did not cause any of the GI distress issues I have had in the past with other gels. It seems to be easy to tolerate. I did make sure to drink it with plenty of water, though, which seems to be key for me. I tried the Peach Cobbler flavor last week during my speed session (8.75 miles including a magic mile and 8x400's!). I took it at around the 5 mile mark and definitely felt a bit of  a pick-me-up right when I needed it. I would not hesitate to use VFuel again for my fueling needs. I have my first triathlon in just under 2 weeks and one of these packets will be stashed in my bike bag!

VFuel Review by Angela Sellers
I am fairly new to the fueling process, but training for a half marathon means learning to nourish and hydrate my body. So I gave VFuel a try. I started my 15K long run with one pack of Peach Cobbler and then had Citrus at the 45 minute mark, just as the packaging recommends. The Peach Cobbler flavor is mellow and sweet and viscous enough to swish down with water. I preferred the Cool Citrus however. It was milder and reminded me of Lemon Meringue pie.  The VFuel gel warmed up against my body as I ran and was easier to swallow than the room temperature packet. While I did not notice any GI distress during the run, I did experience some mild gas and cramping post run.

 I used these same flavors of VFuel before my speed workout and weight training as well. No GI distress occurred and I was able to complete and perform better compared to the same workouts done without VFuel.  I noticed a boost of energy about 25 minutes into the workouts and faster reaction times . Afterwards I felt less muscle soreness than usual.

Overall, I like the VFuel gels and will continue to use them to improve my performance and endurance.

Head on over to their website and see the great flavors they have available.  Have I mentioned they have "Maple Bacon"?  Because it's about time we had the option of something not too sweet.

Have you tried VFuel before?

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