Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's here! It's here! Doctor Who virtual medal.

In case you missed my post about my ringing in the New Year with a virtual half marathon (plus a couple more miles), you can catch it here (with the cool photo of my ice bath... brrrr.)  I also link on that post the amazing group who hosted the "Doctor Who" themed virtual race.

Well, today after getting home with Bugaboo from our "Kids' Zumba class", we went out to check the mail...

"It's here!  It's here!"

A befuddled husband and Squeakers came outside to greet us at the mailbox and I fought the urge to tear my envelope open and quickly display the goods.  

I couldn't help but do a geeky pose... 
 My sweet husband humored me with a hundred pictures of me wearing the bling from the race... and He'll have to humor me as I wear it all day tomorrow.  Heck, I earned it!  I think I should at least get to wear it for the same amount of time it took me to "cross the finish line".  ;-)

Pretty cool, right?  The detail is amazing and if you signed up for the half marathon distance, your ribbon will be blue.  That is the only reason I volunteered myself for the half.  I'd like to say I planned it all as the "big finish" to my holiday streak and to kick of the new year... but the truth is, it didn't look right with a green ribbon.  :)

Bugaboo doesn't watch a whole lot of T.V., but it's hard not to pick up on the things mommy and daddy might like.  So, despite catching up on the early episodes from the 1960's during the kids' nap or after bedtime...  Bugaboo still picks these things up.

"Where's MY Tardis necklace, Mama?"

Can she earn a medal with zumba?  ...Well, she is pretty good at running a mile.  Maybe she'll get a green ribbon.  ;-)

And on that note, I end it with this adorable thought... a room full of kids strutting their stuff in a zumba class.


Do you do virtual races?  (I don't do many... it's not as fun as a race can be.  But sometimes the bling is worth the solo run and lack of festive environment with other runners.)


  1. You sure did earn it! Put me to shame. ;-)

    1. No way! You're running 13 miles "for fun" every weekend! No way did i put your beast mode to shame! ;-)

  2. I did the Doctor Who virtual 5K. It's the first and only one I've done. I might do Runs with Cookie birthday run. There's no bling involved but it'll be a nice excuse to go a little faster on one of my runs.
    I love the medal. It's awesome! I may have had the same reaction as you when mine arrived. Congrats on your 13.1!

    1. Awesome! I got a star wars themed virtual for Christmas too, so I have another virtual in my future... :) This Doctor Who medal is by far the most beautiful and most detailed of all my bling... (Not that I have a very extensive collection...)

  3. Your medal is awesome! well done! I have been running since 2009, but I'm new to virtual races, where do I start to get into races like this one?

  4. So must know where I can go to register to get one of these. I have been running just about every weekend and as a new Dr. Who fan MUST have this to add to the collection. Please share who hosts such an awesome virtual event. Thanks


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