Friday, January 17, 2014

Sadness in the running world... and be safe out there! (Road ID giveaway)

A lot has been going on in the news this week with running and all things fitness.  A new year is a start of lots of new and fun things... Panic as your favorite shoe is retired and the new model rolls out... New gear to try out...

I am seeing a lot of excitement about the winter Olympics,  a little teasing that Disney is taking on the Badwater Ultra and I am seeing the sad stories that tug at your heart or make you angry at a cruel world... or both.

I've learned that a fellow MRTT member lost her cousin on Monday when she was struck and killed by a drunk driver while on a run.
 Run for Meg
Runners have organized a memorial run for her on Sat. Jan. 18th

While still shedding some tears and thinking of Meg's family, I then hear about a man who purposely struck two cyclists (and only served 7 days in jail for the attack).  

The attack on pro cyclists Tyler Wren and Todd Herriot accrued last February.  The driver did not stop... and he will face lawsuits from the athletes this summer.  

Ryn Berry
Last week I learned of Rynn Berry.  His story is any runner's nightmare... being in a city full of people and laying in a hospital bed while being completely unknown and anonymous.  A family member was able to come forward and identify him... before he died.  

As I attempt to find a positive way to end this blog post, I am told of yet another runner tragically killed.  James Callaghan was struck by two cars while out on run in "dense fog conditions".
Photo credit: Randee Daddona | Police at the scene where a pedestrian was fatally hit on Route 25 near Laurel Lane in Laurel at about 5:40 a.m. Thursday. (Jan. 16, 2014)

These things are enough to make my blood boil, cry for the injustice of it all and the families left in mourning and leave me thinking in the middle of the night about my running.

The news is often full of "bad news" and things that can make someone with a nervous disposition never want to lace up a pair of running shoes again.... but we choose to keep moving forward and keep on running.

The key is to be as safe as you can and do what you can to avoid and tragedies that you might have any control over.  

You can read my blog post from last June here on safety tips.

The easiest thing you can do right off is have identification on you while you are out on the road.  With a Road ID, you can easily have any medical information also available with your ID.

If you have not yet purchased this simple, effective and cost friendly piece of gear, do so now and use my "referr a friend" code.

Pictured below is the Road ID "Slim".  I wear this as well as having my children wear it even on regular, out-and-about errands.  The "x-small" slim will fit a baby and a "small" is fine for a preschool aged child.  I've also used the larger bracelets to put around their ankles when in doubt.

You can choose between "Original" with personalized text or if you have a lot of medical information that would be important to convey if you were unconscious, the interactive would be a great option.  This allows medical responders to call a 1-800 number on the id and give the operator your serial number on the back of the ID.
I have two left feet and imagine all sorts of scenarios where I trip over myself and lose consciousness.

 In November I went yard sailing over an uneven piece of sidewalk and bloodied up pretty good.  In December I was suddenly blocked in my route by a van with the driver and passenger jumping out very suddenly.  Turns out they were not trying to kidnap me or hit me.  That's a good thing.  On the same run, I was stopped by a pedestrian and then given some rude cat-calls.    

You just never know what is going to happen!  Please be safe out there.  

For this weekend only, I am offering one winner a $15 Road ID certificate good on identification products in their store.

To make this more fun, I am asking that each entrant only enter ONCE and give me your guess-estimate how many miles I ran from Jan 2013 through today, January 17, 2014.  Comment below with the miles and I will post the winner below on Monday morning.  Winner will have 48 hours to send me a private message on my facebook page.  

Have fun!  ...and stay safe out there.


  1. Well I had a nice comment all typed out and the internet ate it..... short version..
    My heart and prayers are going out to the families and friends affected by the tragedies this week...

    My guess-timate... about 1800 miles. I have no idea!! :)

  2. Being recently diagnosed as a diabetic (genetics suck) I think I should look into getting a Road ID.
    I think you have run a lot more miles than I have. My guess is 1250!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I believe you ran about 649 miles.

  5. I ran 1,028, so I'll go with that. Happy and safe running!

  6. im changing my guess...after looking at what i ran last guessing 600 :-)

    1. Janet! That leaves you as my most accurate lucky guesser! Looking over my millage, past races and the training plans I did to accomplish them... I tried to compensate for any forgotten miles that might not have been logged... and my number is 89 miles from yours. :)

  7. I'm a fairly new runner but I'd say maybe 350

  8. I am going to guess 2013? Stay safe everyone!

  9. From January 2013, at my heaviest weight recorded on the scale (and not being pregnant), I ran an average of one mile in 30 minutes. Since then, I have ran in several 5K and 10K races, one 15K and did 2 official half marathons and one Virtual half. I am now able to do a 10 minute mile for at least 6 miles. :) My mileage from January 1, 2013 to January 17, 2014 is approximately 511 miles. Thank you everyone for your great guesses (and I hope that doesn't leave me any less of a runner that I haven't hit some of those amazing numbers!!)