Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Run Like A Mother (Giveaway)

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Within a few months of declaring that I was a "runner", a friend asked if I had read "Run Like a Mother" or "Train Like a Mother"...  With a title like that, I had to learn more...

"Run Like a Mother" is Sarah (SBS) and Dimity's first book they have co-authored.  It's a book full of personal experiences, humor and practical advice for women of all running expertise.

I remember running into Sarah at the Rock N Roll expo last year in Portland and we started chatting about "balance" and trying to train with family/mother/wife/life responsibilities also needing a piece of  the pie.  It gets hard at times... but the book is a fun approach to how these two women have mastered it.  

Dimity and Sarah are the witty, fun authors of "Run Like a Mother" and "Train Like A Mother" and also have a weekly podcast that is laugh-out-loud funny and pretty informative.  You can learn more about that here.

After you have looked over their fantastic blog (linked above), you can also find them on facebook.
Photo taken from AMR website at:  http://anothermotherrunner.com/authors/

If you are really really lucky, you'll find them at a running event near you... or you could happen to live in the same city as one of the authors!

Last fall I was able to join some other AMR (Another Mother Runner) ladies for a group run and fun photo shoot on Portland's Waterfront.   I'm in the front on the bottom right.  I was running with Squeakers and Bugaboo in Sarah's stroller.

There was a photographer there taking all sorts of running pictures to capture gems like this one:
To see more of these, you can find them here:  http://anothermotherrunner.com/you-might-be-a-mother-runner-if/

 Now for the big giveaway!  If you haven't read this book yet, enter HERE to score your own autographed copy and a Sweaty Bands AMR headband.  (I'll be giving the orange one away with pink hearts.)

  If you don't get lucky and win this awesome set, you can purchase one (or any of the super cool items) at their online store.

Do you have any extra tips to share for balancing demands of family life and getting your workout in?


  1. I have no tips. I can't seem to find a balance at all lately.

    1. I feel that way too! I can't seem to sneak out before the kids wake, even if i sleep in my running clothes! Then that means I have to take them... My car is too tiny for a running stroller, so when I am going to take the kiddos on a run, it's going to be a route close to home. They start freaking out when they see we are nearing home again... :) The little buggers. I love them. :)

  2. Get up before everyone and get running. :)

    1. Yes! A lot of my mama friends get up at oh-dark-thirty to get the run in! I want to invest in some knuckle lights and/or a really reflective jacket for those twilight hour runs.

  3. My kids are old enough to bike with me, so one of my runs is always with my daughter.