Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Streaking through to the New Year!

Idly flipping through my Runner's World magazine while cross training on the stationary bike... I thought about my lack of motivation.  It was Sunday... my "long run" day.

However I was on day 15 of my "I can't seem to lace up my running shoes" streak. 

Then I came across an article about the holiday Running Streak to take place Thanksgiving day to New Years day.  Run every day for at least one mile.  Okay.  I can do that.  But I need to start now...

I have a 10K coming up on Thanksgiving Day to usher in the holiday and my first year of trying not to be a glutton.   I need to start training again!

So... today is day 2 of my run streak.  Yesterday was a slow and stiff one mile.  Today was an even slower three miles, but I think I'm getting my mojo back!

As you can see, my sweet Bugaboo wanted to run with me.  It has been even longer for her since she has been able to go for a ride.  And "Ludo" from our "Labyrinth" themed half marathon came with us.  This doll goes with us everywhere now... (he even has his own set of pajamas and clothes.)

So, you might just see more of "Ludo" on this run streak....

In the mean time, you might just find me on pintrest, drooling over pumpkin pie, eggnog, persimmon cookies, anything with chocolate in it, candied yams, homemade fudge and on and on.  This season is full of so many temptations that I usually walk out of it a full 20 lbs heavier.

What are you doing to stay healthy this holiday season?  Do you have any issues with food, over eating or lack of motivation to run or exercise?  ...My hibernation instinct is kicking in.


  1. I saw the same article yesterday and plan on streaking! Good luck!

    1. Thank you! And to you! Will you be starting it on Thanksgiving?

  2. I hear ya!! I have only ran a handful of times since The Oregon Marathon on Sept. 28th. The first week I took off to recover. Then when I did start getting out there my daughters gave me a little guilt trip since I said I wouldn't have to run as much. Then it got dark. And cold. This past weekend I hit the trail and FOUR MILES was tough. Ugh!! I have Hot Buttered Run, Shellburg Falls, and Holiday Half all coming up quick and I was struggling at four miles!. Funny how quick you lose it, huh!? Maybe I will attempt the streak. Maybe. :) Good luck!! I love pumpkin pie waaaaay to much and a Costco size pie will last about two days in my house.

    1. :) I'm going to try to avoid Costco now! Good luck on those races, I'm sure you'll do better than you think! I wanted to do "Hot Buttered Run" this year, but I need to space out my race budget... ha ha ha. If you survived the typhoon at the Oregon Marathon, you can get those holiday races!!