Friday, September 20, 2013

Gearing up for my first half marathon.... this weekend. Wait? WHAT!?!

I know....  I started this blog as a sounding board and community to vent some of my fears and hopes as I started running again and started to prepare for my first half marathon.  Which was "Run Like Hell" in October.  Well, one thing lead to another... and when I see a giveaway I have to enter it.

This giveaway was that each entry was to nominate someone who was deserving of a free race entry.  I nominated a good friend, and the one who introduced me to the idea of running and a training plan that gave me hope that it was doable.  We won!  Well, Happy Girls Run couldn't pick just one fabulous lady who deserved a free race entry, so they ALL won!  One thing lead to another, and my buddy couldn't race, so she gave me the free entry back to me.  (Insert huge smiley face here.  I was beyond excited.)  

When I wanted to "jog" in high school to attempt to get my weight problem under control, I gave up right away.  My high school sweet heart drove to my house every morning at the crack of dawn for three days.  Every morning I heaved and gasped for breath and hoped I wouldn't die of a heart attack while he kept a pace with me similar to speed walking.  It was too humiliating and I gave up.

Speed up the clock 15 years later, and I still had that weight problem and still wanted to do "something" about it.  more than anything, I wanted to prove that I could do this.  I CAN run.  I can!  Well, week one of couch to 5k just about killed me.  It certainly killed my pride.  In a group of 5 other lovely ladies, I limped and lamented and when my 30 seconds of running was done, I cried at the idea of the walk times getting shorter and the run times getting longer.  I'm not even kidding.  You can ask them, but I'm too embarrassed about it to give you their contact info.  ;-)

Well, they didn't give up on me and I didn't give up on myself this time.... so now I'm running a free race on Sunday!  Why not go for the sweet swag and run a half?

Sneak Peak of the sterling silver bling awaiting half marathon finishers

I'll let you know on Monday how much I regret that decision.  I am full of hope though, because I am trained for a half right now with Hal Higdon's training plan.  I did great on my 10 miler last weekend.  The question is... How I'll do for 13 miles on a trail.  The very same trail I did a 10k on last month.  

This will be interesting.  Hopefully I don't face plant it too bad!

Any advice or anecdotes for a first half marathon?
Trail running?

Have a fatastic weekend and I'll keep you posted!  By the way, I hung out with SBS and Dimity of Another Mother Runner today.... that'll be a post for another day.  ;-)  Stay tuned!


  1. You will be fine. Hal's plan is a good one. I understand your trepidation though. I will be running my first half in January. I have NEVER ran more than a 5k haha Good Luck! Have fun!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Race nerves are running high today! It'll be fun though! :) I'm looking forward to hearing about your half in January!!!

  2. You sound just like I did when I first started running too! It's embarrassing looking back on it now, but hey, we all start somewhere!
    You will do great on your half! Love the bling too!

    1. It's so true... no matter our pace or how many miles we rack up in a week, we all started at the same place (figuratively speaking). :)

      Thanks for the support! I'm glad to be done with it and to have proved to myself I can do 13 (or more...) miles. ;-)