Friday, August 30, 2013

Product Review and Giveaway: The Protein Bakery

I was recently contacted by The Protein Bakery to do a review of their products and a giveaway on my blog.  While I received free product for this review and free product to giveaway, my opinions (as always) are my own.  

The packaging was very pretty!

 The classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate will always be my favorite, so without hesitation, this was going to be the one I tried!  The Peanut Butter Brownie mini is a solid 1oz. of pure sweetness.
You can't do peanut butter and chocolate wrong... I was just hoping for a little more flavor.  The sweetness and the goodness isn't going to punch you in the face, and maybe my sweet tooth is a bit of the "sock it to me" type.

This is a subtle sweet that is a little bit more amaretto than chocolate.  I don't know why I thought that, but that was the first thing I jotted down in my notes.  Then reading the label I see that the chocolate used is chocolate liquor.  Maybe that's what I was tasting?!  I'm such a foodie.  Or maybe it was just the  pure vanilla extract?

The label also says "corn starch from non genetically modified corn."  Get out of town!  I'm in love with you.

The brownie is very soft and very dense.  I microwaved the goodie for about 15 seconds and it was just enough to make it warm without being too melty.  The texture is smooth and very delicious.  1 oz is gone way too fast.  But don't worry!  That's just the "mini"  there are lots of products to choose from!
CookiesBrowniesBlondiesMinis and assorted gift sets.

The Protein Bakery says they've found the secret to happiness:  Balance.

“We chose the name Protein Bakery, for a good (and healthy) reason. Muscle-building protein is a huge component in all our delicious cookies, brownies and blondies. Every delectable, guilt-free bite is high in dietary fiber, low in gluten, and delivers up to 5 times more protein than the average baked treat”.  They also say: “Our trans-fat free, preservative free, and wheat flour-free recipes are also nutritionally balanced. We combine natural ingredients like heart-healthy rolled oats, light brown sugar, and the finest chocolate”.

These little treats are trans-fat free, made without wheat flour and very low in gluten, higher in dietary fiber to satisfy hunger, and higher in muscle building protein.  However, my gluten free friends or vegans would not enjoy these treats so much.  "Contains eggs, milk and soy.  May contain wheat..."

My sweet 1 0z treat was 100 calories, 70 from fat.  Sugar 2g and protein 4g.

That being said, this is a prefect bit of "junk food" to not feel terribly guilty about after a long run.

I am excited to give them a try post workout and interested to hear what you think about them too!

The Protein Bakery also has a giveaway going on too.
They'd like for the winner of my giveaway and for any others who have purchased their products to enter their giveaway:  "Show us your muscle!"

Submit a photo of you holding the product and making a muscle!  Email it to for your chance to win a free Bakers Pick gift set plus a t-shirt.   They also will highlight the blog that you learned about them through.  ;-)


Click HERE to enter my giveaway for your chance to win:  one "Wicked mint Brownie" (3 oz.); one Black & White Blondie Mini (1 oz); and one package of Peanut Butter White Chocolate Chip Cookies (2 oz.).

Evidence that Bugaboo enjoyed her bite.