Sunday, August 25, 2013

Attack of the sport sock! It will eat your toes.... (Impromptu Product review?)

 Last week I had a bit of issue sneaking in a morning run....  You know how it goes... the day just starts slipping away and by the time the baby is down for her nap and everyone is dressed and I'm ready to go, someone wakes up early from nap or an appointment comes up...  You get the idea.

Anyway....  We decided that a family picnic style dinner at the park would be an enjoyable evening. And i could loop the park to get in my miles while my husband was playing with the kids.

I got a mile and I had this TERRIBLE pain in my foot!  It felt like the knuckles on my middle toe was being rubbed by the neighboring toes.  It sorta felt like there wasn't enough room on my foot for that toe!

I should probably preface this post that when it comes to my shoes, I'm sorta "the princess and the pea".  I have to sweep out my shoes before they go on and examine the socks for any strange snags or anything that's going to "rub weird" (like the sock seam at the toes!).

That's why I'm sorta surprised that I didn't notice this issue sooner, like when I put my sock on!  But I thought I was just being too sensitive and powered through it.  After that one mile, I wandered to the picnic blanket and took my sock off to adjust it.

My toe was trapped in thread loops like a little hammock!

Champion  "Duo Dry" Socks
After trying another mile, it hurt too bad.  Another examination on the blanket, and it became obvious that I had cuts on the toe from the threads rubbing.  I purchased these Champion Duo Dry Socks on the cheap at Target, and now I know to avoid them!!  When I got home, I turned every pair inside-out and all of them have this loopy issue.  Ick.  As if my life doesn't already have little things to stress about and big things to worry over, now I have to cut the loose threads out of my socks?  No thank you.  

I first purchased some Fitsok socks at Portland Running Company, and now I know that there are some things it's just best not to skimp on.  Love you Fitsok!  Thanks for not cutting my toes off!

At least the injury was short lived.  Today I got 10 miles done!  In the pouring rain.  I loved every minute of it.  Sometimes it's just good to get out and get a run in.

Any painful gear lessons you have endured?  Please share them with me!
What kind of socks have won your heart or helped your feet?  


  1. I am still searching for my sole mate socks lol Thanks for giving me the tip to avoid those ones though.

    1. I've heard good things about Injinji. Maybe sometime I'll try them, but not sure how happy my toes will be in "toe socks". :)

  2. I did the 10km Bridge to Brisbane recently in new-ish Brooks runners. I had done a few training sessions in them and they seemed fine.
    Alas, when I hit the 5km mark during this event, my big toe began to hurt - if felt like it was being pushed up against the end of the shoe. I ran on though.
    Now, my toe nail is black, severely damaged and lifts up! Argh! I have it 'stuck' down with a band aid so that it doesnt catch on anything. Im hoping it will grow out and fall off and the nail bed beneath is still okay. I guess I shall soon see!