Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's the final countdown! I'll be running a half marathon in the morning...

This is it!  All my hard training, pounding the pavement (despite sun allergies or soggy feet from the rain) and long runs while pushing a jogging stroller... it's time to test that dedication and see how it works out for me on a hilly trail tomorrow.  13 miles of hills and mud from all our rain and then more hills.  I think I should have done more hill work?  It's the final countdown.... can you guess what's going on in my head?  Well, besides sheer panic.

You're welcome.  :)
Happy Girls Run hosted yet another giveaway and announced their winner yesterday. (The first giveaway you can read about here.)  They asked that race participants post on their facebook page pictures of their race outfits and gear for Sunday.  "Our favorite submission will win a prize pack filled with race and lifestyle goodies.  They will also receive a custom LE Bandz headband for the 2013 race!" 

Since one of the race is hosted at Henry Hagg Lake, the second largest habitat for the Fenders Blue Butterfly, it made sense to wear my favorite running shirt and add a butterfly to my water pack.  The Fenders Blue is an endangered butterfly only found in the Willamette Valley.  (However, the race beneficiaries are Raphael House of Portland and Girls Inc.)

Well, I won again.

I'm off now to the expo and to check out the fantastic goodies.  More to come later... but for now, I need to get my stuff together and my nerves under control for the race!

Here's my packing list:
  • Running Shoes
  • Socks
  • Capris
  •  Arm Sleeves/Arm Warmers
  • Jacket for post race warm up
  • Change of clothes post race
  • Garmin
  • Hat
  • Phone with Charity Miles app running in the background
  • Bodyglide
  • Flipbelt full of my homemade fuel (recipe to be posted soon!)
  • Hydration pack with water and Nuun tablets
  • Road ID
  • My fantastic family
  • And finally my Race bib and any other paperwork
 Wish me luck!!!

What items are on your packing list for race day? Most importantly, what am I forgetting?  (Don't freak out... Don't freak out....)


  1. Don't forget your flip flops for your sore feet after!

    1. Thank you! I definitely put those on after I slithered out of my wet clothes. :)


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