Friday, September 5, 2014

Running for someone besides myself...

I had never heard of Dravet Syndrome before a running buddy mentioned to me that she had a family member with it and that there was a virtual race/fundraiser happening to help raise awareness and raise funds for research for this rare form of epilepsy.  

Would I like to do it?
Sure!  Why not!? 

Well, I haven't raised as much money as I had hoped to do on my own personal campaign for the fundraiser, but as of Sept. 5th there was a total of $10,000 raised for this small cause and small race.

Well, as with any virtual, the rules are relaxed and you can run the half marathon all at once or run 13.1 miles broken up over several runs within a certain time period.  My goal is not to get a PR with some outstanding time to cover the distance but to help raise awareness.

So today, I printed out my bib and dedicated a short (but long!  It's hot out...) run to my little friend who I haven't met in the hopes to brighten her day and in hopes to raise money for research, awareness and hope for medication to manage this awful form of epilepsy. 

I've somehow forgotten the "foundation" on the website for the Dravet Foundation... so I promise that the shirt has been edited in real life to reflect the proper website.  Oops.  I feel like a heel on the "raise awareness" part.  Maybe I should redo the 4 miles from this morning.

There!  Now it is complete!
 Tomorrow is a color themed race with the kiddos, so I'll rock this shirt tomorrow at the race (with the full web page URL).... and it won't be white anymore!  The kids are excited to wear purple butterfly wings.  (A purple butterfly is often the symbol used with Dravet Syndrome.)

4 miles done this afternoon and 10 more on my schedule for tomorrow.
The shirt before I added a plethora of puff paint, the sorta finished design and my virtual race bib.

Do you do virtual races?  What draws you to them?  Causes?  Cool medals?  Just a need for a new challenge? 

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