Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Race Recap: The Volcano Race PDX

On Sept. 28th, the family and I headed out to Mt. Tabor, a dormant volcano, in the city of Portland to play at the park and run a race.

This race was so much fun!  It is a smaller event, with under 150 running the 5K and less than 100 running the 10K options.  The Volcano Race PDX also had a kids dash after the other races were well over (allowing for kids to run or be pushed in a stroller by their parents in the earlier races or ensuring that family had crossed the finish before the kids dash started).  

When I picked up our goodies the day before at packet pickup, I was surprised by all the goodies!  The swag included lots of vegan goodies (score for me!  I'm a vegetarian...), coupons for the Children's Museum, vouchers for free entrees at Veggie Grill and jamba juice and other coupons and flyers.  The kids got a cotton race shirt and I received my tech shirt for this event.  If all that swag wasn't awesome enough... the race beneficiary is a really neat project to help inspire young people and encourage and expand their learning through the arts.  Go check out Young Audiences some time.  

Mariah who guest blogs on this site for me at the finish with me

Near the start and finish was a large volcano with a fog machine to mystify (see what I did there?) the kids and provide a great photo op (if the lush and picturesque park wasn't enough).  

Before the races started, two free yoga classes were offered for participants.  I'm not well acquainted with yoga, but enjoyed the soft music and practicing being aware of my breath.  The 10K and 5K were staggered by about 20 minutes.  

As I queued up for my 5K, I watched as Timber Joey held up the course map and directions were explained to us.  Give me a simple loopty-loop and I'm easily confused and doubting my sense of direction... but this course was very well marked and volunteers were out to help direct runners where to turn and which direction to go.  Thank you volunteers!  

Me off on the 5K and Bugaboo and Squeakers on their Kids Dash

The course is, of course, hilly since it is on a mountain... but the challenge is a lot of fun and very beautiful.  I enjoyed seeing the cityscape of Portland over the reservoir.  When I neared the finish with 1 mile to go, I ran past Mariah running the other direction nearing her finish line for the 10K.  The end of her race  had stairs... and while I didn't hear her complain about it, I'm sure it served as a nice challenge.  Maybe I'll be better trained for the 10K (or better rested) next year? 

When I crossed the finish line, my family wasn't there to greet me.  This is the first time that they were at a race with me but weren't there to cheer me in.  This wasn't a surprise since there was a playground next to the start/finish gate.  I finished my cooldown run and was happy to seem them busy and engaged with the volunteers at the "Art Zone".  

Afterwards, the kids dash was off and the kids had a blast running 1K through a flat part of the park.  At their finish, Timber Joey greeted them with cheers and a high five.  Parents had the option of purchasing a finisher's medal to commemorate the kiddos' race and proceeds going to Young Audiences, so we went ahead and purchased that for them and my husband rewarded them with their medals.  Of course they were over the moon to get one.  

They made masks, painted their faces, played with bubbles and listened to live performances from several different musicians and singers.  I enjoyed my complimentary beers in the beer garden and we all enjoyed the plethora of snacks offered.  

I highly recommend this event and look forward to seeing how it grows and expands over the years.  This event went off very smoothly with no issues and very well organized.  It's also nice to run a smaller event race too now and then.  I really really enjoyed the family festivities this one had to offer.  

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  1. What a great race! Love that the kiddos got to run and got medals too!