Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Getting closer to Hood To Coast!! (And maybe a teeny bit stressed about it)

I woke up this morning to my phone buzzing with text messages and alerts.  10 days until race day one of my runners has to drop out due to work conflicts and another may be dropping out depending how he feels after a half ironman this coming weekend.  A Half Ironman!!  I'm in awe.

And stressed.  We have alternates all lined up and eager to take their spots, but the unknown drives me batty.  Especially since I'll be away from the computer for 5 days while camping... right before the Hood To Coast relay.  Did I mention it's 10 days until race day?!

10 days until race day.

In other team news and updates, I picked up the team shirts and hoodies today.  They are amazing.   H&S Screen Printing did my Moms Run This Town shirts and they came through again with high quality, screen printed shirts with a beautiful design thanks to the hand drawings done by one of my teammates.  

(I think they might be better than the official race shirts.  Sorry Hood To Coast!  See the official race shirt HERE.)

"Robin From The Hood And Her Coastal Van of Misfits" is ready, or just about....

Have you ran a relay?  What crazy shenanigans have you faced in the last few days before "go time!"?

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