Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Product Review: Schmidt's Natural Deodorant (A runner's take on natural deodorant in the heat of summer)

Product Review:  Schmidt's Deodorant

A couple months ago I found myself chatting up a professional makeup artist with my smelly woes.  I have incredibly sensitive skin.  I mean really.  Being in the sunshine for more than 30 minutes has me a heap of red, blistery misery.  Anyway... 

I can't even wear deodorant without a stinging circle of red, irritable, angry, pain appearing.  I just stopped wearing deodorant all together.  My social life has suffered for it I'm sure.  Well, at least I hope not but my self confidence has.  I'm always trying to check my pitts if I'm smelly and if I am any fun to be around or if people are going to run for the hills.

That's on a normal day.

On a day that required any cross training or running I needed to also promptly run off to the shower and clean up before I offended anyone or caused some poor person to pass out. 

Harmony, the patient makeup artist who listened to my smelly woes, could relate and suggested a natural deodorant....  I scoffed and rolled my eyes before she could finish.  I had been down the "natural" road before.   Don't get me wrong... actually a lot of the natural brands and companies have in mind the things that are important to me.  Cruelty free.  Paraben free.  Phthalate free.  No needed extra dyes and other weird chemical concoctions and preservatives.  No unneeded stuff that could potentially hurt my skin.  

She smiled at my disdain and explained that she was skeptical at first too but she gave this deodorant a try and would never go back to anything else.  Okay.  What is it?  If I don't break out in a killer rash with armpits so swollen that I can't lower my arms, maybe it'll be a keeper.

Well, guess what.  Not only is my skin happy.  But it works.  It keeps me smelling like a smell-good person on an awful, hot day.  On an awfully awful hot day that had me going from a long run straight to a crowded children's birthday party with no shower in between.  People stood next to me at the party and still smiled.  I still smelled like ylang-ylang and calendula.  I kid you not! 

What is this amazing natural deodorant?

This stuff is amazing.  It's natural, the company has a philosophy I can get behind, and I'm supporting local with an Oregon based business.  Made in the USofA with natural ingredients. 

I've been using the product for over a month now with no issue at all with my skin.  It smells divine and I have had two instances where something has come up or I had poor timing and went from a sweaty workout to a social gathering without a shower.  I still have friends.  No, really. I didn't stink the place up and people are still inviting me out.  (With my skin issues and not being able to wear deodorant before, this was an issue for me.)

It's not your typical stick or spray.

Step 1.  Remove a small amount of product with spatula provided with the jar.
Step 2.  Roll the removed product into a pea-sized ball.

Step 3.  Place a pea-sized ball under each arm and allow to warm up to body temp for a few moments.  (You can do this by clamping your arms down to allow deodorant to melt a bit or put it on a saucer and heat in the microwave for 5 or so seconds.  Do this at your own risk as you don't want to heat it for too long in the microwave and burn your (sensitive) skin.  

Step 4.  After rubbing in the warm deodorant like rubbing on lotion, bask in the greatness that is your new smell.  You will smell fantastic!  
Schmidt's offers several great scents (and a non scented option) in their line and I love them all.  (I especially like my husband to wear the Cedarwood and Juniper.)

You can click here to find a store near you that carries this product.  Go and try a sample if there is a tester jar... or at the very least go smell it and fall instantly in love.  If there isn't a store near you, take my word for it and give them a try by ordering online.  It is so worth it.  I can not fully express how happy I am to find something that works against body odor, is nice to my skin and doesn't stain my clothes (like some of the DIY versions I had been trying was doing). 

This deodorant will be going to Hood To Coast with me.  I have no doubt it will stand the test against a relay race and a van of smelly runners.  It's what I use everyday... so why not race day? 

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  1. This is awesome! love using natural things on my skin as opposed to harmful chemicals, I love this naturally fresh deodorant