Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Conquering "The Blerch" or my negative self talk...

The online comic "The Oatmeal"  describes the arch nemesis "The Blerch" as a fat little cherub who follows the comic author when he runs.  It is a wretched lazy beast who tells the runner to slow down.  Just stop.  Time to walk.  Let's just go home.  Go home and take a nap, eat some pie, or do something generally non productive.  Since seeing the funny illustrations to this topic, it really has made the idea more relateable.

Who doesn't have a bad run now and then?  Who doesn't struggle with negative thoughts and self talk now and then?


Everyone struggles with it at some point, and if you honestly think you don't, then pat yourself on the back or push yourself a little bit farther because I'm pretty sure even gold medalist Olympians have interviews where they have struggles in their sport.

I am so struggling.

I struggle with not getting a run in while the sun is still up and the excuses set in to skip out on my run streak and not continue since I don't really have gear for running at night.

I struggle with just wanting to be lazy.  There are about a million other things I can think of to do than get in 30 minutes of cardio.

I'm struggling with me and feeling lethargic with the lack of sun and cold weather.

I struggle at times with depression.

Probably nothing in comparison with some of the challenges others face and still get a run in.  That frustrates me too.  I can run.  I have the ability to do it.  Some are unable to and would like to.  Some have serious challenges and still get it done without complaining!

I have to conquer this laziness.  This apathy I am drowning in and rise above it.

A friend of mine gave me an early Christmas gift... and I love it.  With my new "Blerch" running shirt, I headed out last night to get the run in that I didn't want to do.

With my flashlight in hand and my sweet family following in the near distance ogling at holiday lights, I went out and pounded the pavement for a ten minute mile.

Life really isn't all that bad.  I don't know why I have such a lazy streak lately that is so hard to kick!  I hate it!  But with the crisp air, beautiful fog and lovely holiday lights, I killed my mile with a pretty fast pace (for me).    I got my run in today this morning.  Now to just keep my momentum up.  (And egg nog consumption down.)

Do you believe in "the blerch"?  How do you overcome those negative thoughts?


  1. A couple of suggestions -- 1) have you heard of It's like Facebook for exercise junkies. You get "points" for exercising, and with enough points, you "level up" (as if you were a role-playing character). You can join "groups" with themes from the obvious (like Runners) to obscure. People can "prop" your workouts and comment if you let them. It's a very encouraging community. But also because it becomes semi-public (you can name your character whatever you want, of course) there's a degree of accountability to help overcome moments of laziness.

    2) Treadmill + wifi + Amazon Kindle Fire + Amazon Prime = lots of free TV/movies to watch. I've gotten hooked on "The Shield" right now, and the promise of getting to watch "just another episode" keeps me going back to the gym....

    1. LOVE IT! Thanks for the tips! I don't have a treadmill, but I have a stationary bike, and that's how I get to watch old episodes of Doctor Who. :) I'm going to go over and check out this Fitocracy thing... I like RPGs. :D

  2. I love the Oatmeal and I have my own Blerch! (Awesome gift, btw!!!)

    I ditto the suggestion about watching shows while on the dreadmill/elliptical/stationary bike! It helps SOOOOO much!

    Ok never heard of Fitocracy but that sounds perfect for me too! Sweet!

    1. Fitocracy looks like it has a lot of great groups with challenges... but I've only started it last night so I can't make a proper "review" of it... but I think I was hoping for more of a "game" than just someone's monthly challenge in fitness. :) Though it looks like Kara and Adam Goucher have a training plan that looks like a crazy board game and you "level up"... that is definitely appealing to the geek in me.

  3. I love the shirt! I was there a couple of weeks ago - fighting the Blerch. Being here in FL in the warmth and sunshine has snapped me out of it, but I'll be prepared to battle the big guy when I get home. Hang in there, you're doing awesome!

    1. Thank you! I hate to be a "fair weather" runner, but I think the dark is starting to get to me. Well, Happy Solstice! It can only get lighter out from here!