Friday, November 28, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide! Wondering what to buy the runner in your life?

Okay, Thanksgiving is over and I am perhaps a bit behind on my holiday shopping.  Well, at least that's what it seems like.

Do you get a gift for your running partner?  For a friend, spouse, family member who likes to run?  What do you get them?!  Well, fret no more... let me tell you about the things I either absolutely love or wish someone would get for me.  (**This is a perfect hint for someone to email this post to my husband**)

1.  Noxgear

The Tracer 360 is my absolute favorite piece of running gear.  I use this when running in the twilight hours, in low visibility conditions or out at night.  I used it while out trick-or-treating with the kids and I was stopped by other families out on the candy adventures or by the residents who we went begging for candy from.  Everyone wanted it either for cycling or some other activity hat required being more visible to increase your safety.  It is light weight, easy to use and super rad.  Check out my review here and hurry over to their website (linked above) to see if the fall sale is still going on.

2.  Road ID 

You never know when something could happen that leaves you unable to explain important medical information or emergency contact info.  I haven't had to use my Road ID, but I wear my wrist ID slim at all times and have my young children wear theirs too.  They are too young to have my cell phone and my husband's cell memorized, so they know to ask someone to call mom or dad and show them the ID.  My ID states my name; husbands phone number; friend's phone number; medication allergies; year of birth and blood type.

With this handy dandy silicone strap, turn any bottle into a hand held water bottle.  Genius!  ...And, the perfect size for a stocking stuffer item.

4.  Electrolytes

There are two favorites that I enjoy.  The first is not as well known, but very tasty.  Check out Cocogo and try the Raspberry Passion Fruit!  You can use code  OUTRUNNINGTHERAIN for 10% off your order.  This product is a blend of coconut water and real fruit.  Natural ingredients.  No extra chemicals, coloring and all that unnecessary stuff.  

My second favorite electrolyte option is Nuun.  This is a fizzy tablet that you need to make sure is done dissolving before putting the cap back on your bottle.  Trust me.  :)  I enjoy the Cherry Limeade flavor but really like Watermelon... but that is a seasonal flavor.  

This belt is perfect for carrying your phone and a little fuel while also keeping track of your race bib.  I prefer this method than poking holes in my tech clothes (that are sometimes rather expensive).  This belt is also perfect for relay racing.  I can unsnap it, change my clothes and snap the belt back on without losing track of it between legs or in the shuffle of gear in the back of the team van.  

Need more ideas?  
Check out:


    • Pay for a race entry or help buy the next pair of running shoes.
    Not sure what races are on their wish list?  A little money could help your runner find a race to help keep their training momentum going.  A little money might also help invest toward the next pair of shoes to help keep your runner injury free. If I do more than 350 miles on one pair, my toenails let me know...

    What are you hoping for this gift-giving season?  Or what items *might* you be planning to gift?

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