Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Race Recap: Run Like Hell 2014 Half Marathon

Terrapin Events Run Like Hell!  was held on October 26, 2014.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Run Like Hell! since it was my first race ever.  In 2011, I signed up for the 5K with a zombie theme.  And despite the debacle with last year's experience with the train and delay, I wanted to give the race another go.  After all, the course was rerouted just to avoid that pesky Amtrak.  Trimet and general traffic however, could still cause possible delays, but I didn't have any issues with that.
This year's theme was "Under The Sea".  My friend Dayna wore a lifeguard uniform with a shark attacking her arm.  

I did not finish the race in time to participate in the costume contest, but I did run into a couple of runners who were the actual Titanic boat!  Catching up to them before they left the party was the complete highlight of the event and made up for my lack of competing in the costume contest...  I was dressed as a ghost of a Titanic passenger.  

I ran the race hollering now and then "Where are the life boats?  There are supposed to be life boats?!"  And at the aid stations I would request champagne because "I'm in first class."  Unfortunately I think my joke got lost in translation and I came across as an asshole instead.   I hope not.  When I did finally cross the finish line, my friend Dayna hollered "The life boats are here at last!"  (or something like that.  I was delirious.)  

This year, the half marathon went down Terwilliger instead of climbing up it and then looping back down it.  

Most of the climbing was done at the beginning and then a nice run down.  Terwilleger is slanted and causes my IT band to scream and my hips to ache.  This time around had me really contemplating my strength training routine.  

The Amtrak train rumbled by us and came to a stop on the track, but our paths did not cross.  Runners did have a Trimet MAX track to cross, but when I arrived, the MAX was moving on.  I had no issues with being stopped by traffic whatsoever.

At around mile 6 1/2 the half marathon joined with the crowds in the 5K and 10K run.  That was a lot of fun to see so many costumes, the fresh energy for just starting their race and the renewed spirit I had to see the crowds half way through my race.  Around mile 7 1/2 I came upon the "musical mile" that is 12 blocks of 12 unique Portland bands.  I was a little surprised by how few were playing when I ran by.  One banjo player was playing on her phone.  Oh well.  There were some really reat bands out there as well and loved the musicians who were playing.  Thank you!  

Race Theme:  "Under The Sea".  There were quite a few mermaids, but a lot more jelly fish and "kraken" creatures than mermaids.  Some of my favorites were the vintage divers with the huge helmets and the sea creatures they had running with them.  I saw someone wearing a fishing net with all sorts of shells and seaweed caught in her net and someone dressed as a crab and scuttled most of his 5K.  I think he deserves a medal for that.

Course Support:  There were five aid stations offering water or an electrolyte drink.  I didn't see any gels or goo or the like, but I always bring my own anyway.   There were plenty of porta potties and lots of friendly volunteers.

Race Beneficiary:  Molly's Fund

Race Perks:  The half marathoners recieved a finisher's medal that was also a bottle opener.  The design features a Kraken (or is it just a giant octopus?) descending on a cemetary.  The medals were also for sale before and at the event ("for the bottle opener aspect") to anyone for $12.  Terrapin reported on their facebook page that there was a miscommunication and a box of medals did not make it to the finish line... creating a shortage of medals for finishers.  If this is the case for you, please send them an email.  

I also received a rusty orange tech shirt with the same logo as the medal on it.  I am a fan of Halloween and love it.  

After the race, runners received hot (vegetarian) chili (THANK YOU!) and 2 free beers or soda if you prefer.  Live music was entertaining at the finish party and lots of vendors with free samples of various products.

You'll see me at this event again, but I hate to get there and the party is winding down.  I missed the costume contest and that was a bummer for me.  So, unless my strength training vastly improves for my hips to handle the crazy slant in the roads and my speed improves for a faster finish time, I think I'll stick to the 5K.  It was my first 5K ever, anyway.  
2011 "Umbrella Corporation" zombie

Do you wear costumes at any theme races?  What distances?  


  1. I cannot imagine running a half marathon in that outfit, go you!

    1. Ha! Thanks! That *may* have been a little crazy... but it's a fun race.


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