Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow! Snow! Snow! (And a little stir crazy with the freezing rain...)

Well, the greater Portland, Or area (along with Vancouver, Wa) has an advisory to stay out of the streets and stay indoors.  I was hoping to get a long run in today... but I watched my husband slip and slide down the sidewalk as he went to check on our elderly neighbors.  I think I'll stay in my warm and safe house (that still has power) and cook.  :)

Thanks to "Running With Harmony" on facebook, I tried her "crêpes" and LOVED them.  They're simple enough that I can cook them!

I'm not an egg fan, but I gave it a try and these are delicious! Give it a try and tell me what variations you try! These are very versatile and can have many different options... 

You will need:
3 eggs
1 tablespoon of pumpkin puree
1 tablespoon of almond meal/flour
1 tablespoon of Gluten Free oats

Combine all ingredients except for the oats in blender, blend until smooth. Stir in oats. I also added a splash of vanilla extract and some cinnamon. 

Pour into hot skillet like you would for regular pancakes and GENTLY flip and cook other side. 

Once cooked, I drizzled mine in cinnamon and honey and ate like a pancake. 

An absolute delicious way to eat eggs! (Next time I'll try a little butter and lemon juice...)

Since we are stuck indoors with the slick ice... I guess today will be cross training on the exercise bike and a bit more cooking.  :)  I'm also going to whip up some of my "Running cookies" and you should be able to pull up the past post with the recipe HERE.

Chia seeds, oats, pumpkin protein powder, coconut flakes, cocoa powder and salt.
Pretty, isn't it?  They are super yummy too, and I hide them in the back of the fridge so that I only enjoy them while on a long run or one post run.

I did get to go out and enjoy some of the snow this week before it turned to ice.  We get small dustings of snow once every year or every other year... but nothing I'd really define as "snow".  This year, we got 8 inches!  Last time it really "snowed" (as I define it, with at least one inch accumulated) was 6 years ago!  I wasn't a runner then... So I did not hesitate to go out there and play in it!

First snow run ever!

Thursday was our first day of snow and we had a couple inches... I went out for what i told my husband would be a "quick half mile" and snuck in another mile on that.  It was glorious!  No one else had been out and no one was driving in it yet.  There was just me and the sound of my feet crunching the new snow.  It was soft and fun to feel the padded ground beneath my shoes.

Friday was a longer run and a lot more slow and slick.

Friday's run had me completely lost at 3.5 miles.
I have been using the Nike+ app to help me keep track of which shoes have how many miles on them... and I earned my "Storm" badge.  Fun little app with badges to help motivate you or competitions you can challenge other friends on the app with. Anyway...

An hour and a half in the snow, I got lost, misjudged where the curb started and ended at least twice (but didn't fall!) and trudged through a field of snow that was knee deep.  The duct tape over my shoes kept my feet dry and it was beautiful and fun to be out there... but as I neared my regular stomping grounds and was at the "one mile" landmark from home, I saw a car accident with police and an ambulance on the way.

Time to high tail it home.

As I got home, I checked the mail and got my valentines' gift for Squeakers and Bugaboo...

I decided to get them the "Love" badge with the heart on it... available for "a limited time" with RoadID.
You can get yours here:
(or send me a private message on my facebook page if you'd like a $1 off coupon).

I'd say it has been a "running focused" weekend of running, even if I didn't get my long run in!

And with that, here's the tune I always get stuck in my head when I think of snow...

Do you run in snow?  Own a treadmill or take the winter off?
Share your secrets!


  1. Treadmill...getting tired of the treadmill! I'm so ready to stretch my legs outside. Looks like we'll be inside one more day though.

  2. I run in the snow but not the ice. This is the first winter where I've steadily trained. I'm on month number two of winter running and it's fun. If it's too cold or icy I go to the gym and run on the treadmill. You earned that winter weather badge! Go you!

  3. My family lives between Salem and Eugene and got so much crap weather! Glad you were able to run through it.

  4. Sorry about all the ice and snow! I guess it does get old after a while!